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Service to huma…

Service to humanity, is service to God! (Zach. Adasu Jr.)

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Do the Moni really want to live as they always have?

This is marvelous..


As a child of missionaries to West Papua, Indonesia, I have heard many discussions about one’s interaction with indigenous people groups. Some are heartfelt and deeply thought out, some are shoot-from-the-hip perceptions that cover the gamut of opinion. Recently, catch phrases such as “White Savior Complex” have been used to describe those of us who would seek to partner with indigenous people. The concept of “helping” has become a minefield, fraught with criticism and cynicism.  Although new and catchy words or phrases may be used, the concepts and criticisms are anything but new. Anyone who has worked with indigenous people for any length of time, will at some point have their motives challenged. One cannot argue that over the years there has been truth to some of the criticisms. However, I would submit that the new social-anthropologists-journalists-environmentalists commentary and yes, even well-meaning tourists, actually demean the very people groups they…

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Rising Phoenix Jaycees

Many Opportunities for Interested Members & Potential Members

Please check out our updated Events page! We have project management and volunteer opportunities available for interested members. Just click on the Events tab above (just below the RPJ News header). Mahalo!

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Policy and Community Development as a Means to Developing Healthier Communities

There is every need to take a critical look at grass root health care, the masses are really suffering!

Social Justice Solutions

By Georgianna Reilly, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer
Coming from a macro social work background with experience in health policy development within school districts, I feel that the link between policy, community development and structure, and health is often drastically overlooked. It is clear to many…


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Easter is a season for both Christians and non-Christians, when we all come to cross examine our lives as individual and a group (God’s children). Christ died for our sins, lay down his life for I and You to live for eternity.
I n this regard, CKACINO FOUNDATION is call on you to think of ‘what you would be remembered for’ like Christ whom we remembered for laying His life that we live.

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A legend worth emulation (Valentine!)

Hi wonderful viewer, CKACINO FOUNDATION wishes you love celebration.
Happy Valentine!!! in advance as you Show love, love and be loved, make some one next to you feel loved.
Follow us @ ckacino foundation, or see what one man can do in the life of others.

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